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Concrete WOOD Resurfacing 👷 Step by Step 👷 WATCH as we CREATE Decorative CONCRETE Wood



This week we’re down horseshoe bend in Lake of the Ozarks here we have a walkway that leads over here to the garage, and over to the front stoop. I need to take this overlay off it’s broke up pretty good, and pretty damaged, it almost looks like they put it over a slab of rock or somethin, and it could be a couple of coatings, It’s got a lot of cracks and damage to the to the slab it’s in pretty bad shape, so with that said I decided to take my hammer and chip that off, it appears to be hollow up underneath there in that particular area.

There’s a few cracks and some water where they water their plants. So if that water’s gotten up underneath it there, there’s probably A good chance that a lot of this underneath here is very lose and hollow, so i’m gonna go ahead and start grinding this off and see what we’ve got up underneath.

Okay, we’re, going to pick up where we left off on this job. They’ve got this slab repoured and it’s ready for an overlay now. So I’m grinding the rest of it off over here as you can see where I stopped. I cut that line across here and they redid this area of their concrete, now i’ve got to come in here and grind the rest of this concrete overlay off that was on here which you can see i’ve already started that.


What the white is i’m. Taking that down to the original concrete i’ve got to bring it down there’s about a half inch lip that i’ve got to go ahead and and get you know, get down flush, maybe a half inch Or so, and we’ll, probably slope it back about a foot and a half, so it’s, got a nice slope to it, yeah other than that.

This is what we’ve got to start with. Today we’re gonna, hopefully get everything ground down today and come in and do our first base coat tomorrow. The finished look is gonna, be a wood plank oh luke! I am your father.

Okay, it’s day. Two on this concrete wood project down horseshoe bend and lake of the ozarks. This is rick uh. We just got the base coat on finished. The grinding put the base coat on. It looks kind of spotty right now because it’s drying up uh.

It’s, getting kind of warm out here and you know wind’s blowing pretty good, but this is a base coat. It’s. Actually going to be darker than this, but i didn’t want to go in with a white base coat, so i added some color to it, but you can see how much it is uh drying right there and that’s, where I started it gets a little bit more solid here.

I’m, probably going to wind up going with a second coat and it’ll be darker and you can see where it’s more and more solid. As far as a darker color goes because here’s, where i stopped, but i’ll actually do a shade, or maybe three shades darker than that.

I want it to be pretty dark um, because when we put our wood pattern down and pull our tape, this is the grout coat that you’re gonna see that’s. That’s, the color, but you know it’s, going to be almost black uh real dark.

You know charcoal so um. It always lightens up several shades when it is drying, but it always goes back to a darker color. So here’s, where we’re at right now on stage, um got several steps to go, but we should be done with this next wednesday or thursday and right now.

I believe this is may 2nd wednesday, so anyways that’s. What we got for now, all right. We got our second base coat on a little bit darker this time. So this is the color that you’re, going to see, probably actually even darker than this, once we put stain on it seal it.

You know, of course, that after the wood texture goes on it, but this is uh a little bit truer to the color, so it just went down still a little wet. It will dry light, but it ‘ Ll go back to this color when it’s done, but it’s.

Uh. It’s, a lot more solid, now um starting to dry up here and there. So there might be. I don’t know if it’s shadows or it’s, just drying up in certain areas, but there you go second base coat is down okay.

We now have the fiber tape over our two base: coats. All the wood planks have been measured out. Everything’s, hand, taped four, six and eight in the width. The length is just kind of random. I really don’t want a pattern:- i’ll, be in monday spray over the top of this, with the grout coat color.

That way, we lock that tape down and get it sealed off. Because tuesday, we’re, going to be doing the texture wednesday. We’re, going to be staining and thursday. We’re, going to lock this thing down seal.

It up and get home. Okay, we’ve got our tack coat on. You can still see the tape ghosting through the tack coat of concrete because it’s, just a thin layer, We’ll, come back in tomorrow morning with the texture coat, so it almost doesn’t.

Look like the uh. Almost doesn’t. Look like there’s anything over because you can still see that tape quite a bit, but tomorrow you will not see this tape. I’ll bury it tomorrow and then i’ll, pull it up probably tomorrow afternoon, and then we’ll stain it wednesday.

Okay, we have the wood texture coat on here uh. We just do this coat in a white because uh tomorrow we’ll, come in and pull the tape. The pattern tape that’s underneath of it and um. You know, then, you’ll, be able to see the texture a lot better and, of course, the pattern once the tape’s pulled, but we do it white, because we’re, going to color it with a couple of Different colors tomorrow so that way we just got a clean slate to begin with. It just works better if it’s done on a white base and i don’t know. If you can see this very well or not a lot of shadowing here, but it’s really hard to tell what the texture looks like.

Let me get a little closer. It’s kind of so bright out here that it’s kind of bleeping everything out. Let’s. Try here, all right, so that’s. What we have for now? Okay, it’s, cleaned up and ready for some color.

All the tape’s been pulled. It’s, been cleaned up, joint lines, open back up it’s, been edged up against the driveway. Everything’s, nice and clean there. All the nail holes have been drilled, so every plank has two nail holes on each side of it: four per line that’s where the planks meet and they are staggered, um uneven on purpose.

We want this to look as authentic as possible. Perfect imperfection, if that makes sense, so i’m, getting ready to come in and just hit those nail holes with some darker color to make them completely black.

And then we’Ll start the coloring, which is going to be brown and amber, okay. This is before the sealer goes on, but the color is all done, cleaned up it’s, ready to go actually started sealing it up top, but i stopped to take this video real quick.

This is how the color turned out again. This is before the sealer i’ll. Do a final after the sealer’s on! Let me know: does that look like wood about as close as i pretty much can get it there’s.

Different, looks different colors a little bit different patterns that you could do with it. But overall i think mission accomplished. Okay, this job in four seasons is complete.

I think wood is done. got some nice texturing real nice coloring just goes uh perfect, with the setting they’ve got here. Now they have the house decorated,. You know the big wood beam pillars and the front door, all rock it’s, just a real rustic look.

So let’s, just kind of finished it off. This is going to run all the way over here to the front stoop, i mean sorry, i didn’t want to do anything with that drain other than just do a picture frame around it.

I didn’t want to drop any lines in it because it’s. Such a small area can’t, keep our wood look for the most part on the side wall from the twin stoop area. That will look really weird, i think, with a bunch of lines running through it, especially with that grate.

We just got some really nice, texturing and coloring here see if i can get a little closer, so you guys can see it. We have to keep the joint lines open so that’s. What that is, you can’t fill those in because the concrete wants to expand in the winter months well, winter and summer, so that concrete has to move.

So we got ta leave those expansion, joints open, yeah, sun kind of gives you a little bit different perspective. It does bring out the color, but it also kind of makes it look a little bit different than what it really is too.

That’s. Why it looks so different over here, more it’s covered up in the shade versus out there right in that bright song, so the rest of it does look like this. It’s, just the sun just kind of blends it together.

More, let’s. Look at this texture, since we’re in the shade here and the coloring, also drilled in every plank. There’s, okay, that’s about it. For this one, you guys are watching this on youtube.

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All right see you guys on the next one.

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Decorative Concrete Barnwood Resurfacing | Patio Deck Makeover with Concretewood Lake of the Ozarks


Hey guys, this is Rick with Custom Concrete Design lake of the ozarks. This week we are on the other side of the lake at a condo unit. Here lower level. They have two patios. We’re, going to go ahead and just do this one,

But first we got to take off this coating that’s on here, get it down to the bare concrete. I think i’ve. Seen a couple of cracks, we’ll, probably have to repair on that side, but overall it’s in pretty good shape.

We’re, going to come back in and put a. We’re, going to put concrete wood back over the top of this, so this is going to look like um. We’re, just gonna go in with one color. I think we’re, just gonna do a basic brown color, but we’re gonna have several different variations of that one color, but anyways yeah concrete wood.

Here we go…. What you guys are seeing here is the first coat of charcoal gray, just put it down, so this is wet. It’s right now. It’s, trying to dry it’ll dry about four or five shades lighter, and we’ll come back tomorrow and do the same thing.

We did have to do this uh outside lip here as well, because it doesn’t cool the screen door. The screen, doesn’t, go all the way to the edge, so went ahead and coated this too. Okay, our patterns taped out.

We went in with four inch six inch and we did an 8 inch too on our width and then on our length. We made them anywhere from 2, 4 6 8 and we did a few tins in there as well. So we really got everything staggered out.

Really nice, and tomorrow we’re, going to come in here and we’re going to do our base coat color over the top of this tape to basically lock it down in case there’s, any Bleed under it’ll, be the same color, so we’re going to cover this with a thin layer tomorrow, [, Music, ], okay, right now we have cut our lines, our saw cuts.

We cut them to open that back up. We pulled our tape to reveal our grout lines and our pattern um. What we’re doing right now is we’re just going through and and kind of cutting some of the corners of the boards and the edges.

I don’t know if you can see this or not right here, [ Music, ] here um here’s an edge. We’re just trying to make it somewhat jagged on some of these boards. You can see some of them here. They’re, not perfectly straight, so we’ve, just kind of gone through on different boards here and there and um.

You know just kind of knocked off the edges in the corners, but our texture went on yesterday and, as you can tell it’s, a nice wood grain texture got some of our knot. Holes in there now once we get these areas notched out.

What i’m gonna do is i’m gonna that’s. What this drill is for, i’m gonna go ahead and drill out some holes on each plank uh here and here. So two holes each side of each plank. We’re gonna have uh so that’s.

Basically gonna look like nail holes so that’s. Gonna be all the way down on every board, so it’s going to make it look even more realistic. You know between our texture and our knot, holes and our nail holes and everything um it’s.

Uh it’s, going to look like barn wood here real shortly. It already is. It just needs some coloring, which once we uh get all this done. We’re, going to go ahead and color it [ Music ] all right what we’re doing now, as you can tell making some nail holes, [, Music ].

Yes, it is  okay, this barn wood project, [ Applause ] in laurie missouri, is complete, [, Music ] so – and this is gonna, look a little bit different from different angles and heights um.

You know from this side to that side we have more light shining in and it’s. Creating a nice sheen across here and it’s. Gon na look like it’s really light and then dark. It’s all in the sunlight and the angles that i’ve got here, but this thing turned out beautiful.

Definitely going for that! Rustic barnyard, our barn farmwood, look [ Music ]! I think we got it got some nice texturing in it, nice coloring, all of our nail holes and every board a lot of knot. Holes got about a dozen.

I guess not a lot about a dozen knotholes in here, good heavy texture. Four inch wide six inch wide eight inch wide planks, all staggered: four, six, eight and ten in length.

We, got really good variation in the boards. Good variation of the texture, coloring [, Music ] – and we did hit this outside area here. [, Music ] too so  and about probably six of the boards in here we did a solid, well fairly solid, dark color to give it even more variation.

All the other ones have mixed color. Together, we got two colors brown and amber, and we got to uh about 70, probably 80 brown mixed in just a little bit amber. Give you more of a bird’s-eye view here: 

okay, let’s take a look at the detail and coloring in our planks. We also varied the um nail holes, so they’re. Not perfectly placed that’s, all done on purpose kind of staggered them too.

We actually chipped out some of the corners as well on some of the planks and also on the side of the plank to uh. Just give it more more realistic, a more realistic look trying to keep it as authentic as we could [ Music ] guys if you’re watching this on youtube.

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Decorative Concrete Condo Deck Tuscan Slate Texture Brown Antique Stain | Lake of the Ozarks MO

Okay this week we are in Greenview Missouri by the hurricane deck and Lake of the Ozarks MO, today were gonna start on a condo deck luckily for us its on the ground level and will be on the backside of the complex working on this screened in patio concrete has a few cracks nothing major the complex itself is fairly new so we have some great concrete to work with and another nice view of the lake.

So first step with this concrete is to prep it up meaning open up the cracks grind the surface which opens up the pores of the concrete to get it ready for our overlay. Once the cracks are opened up I’ll go ahead and fill them and then grind them down flush with the rest of the concrete, now the cracks are filled and ground down were just gonna go ahead and grind the rest of it cleaned it up the best we can with a shop vac and then pressure wash it.

The next step is putting down the base coat we are going with a dark chocolate color as our base, that goes down pretty quick so we went ahead and put down a second base coat.

Now were ready for our top coat which is can be a Tuscan Slate texture which will now give this concrete some depth and will create a nice design for the stains in the next step.

Right now we have to prep off the screen and the inside walls with paper, mix up our antique stain pour it into our pump up sprayer and spray this out randomly most likely I will need 2 maybe 3 coats I would say the third coat will be more of a highlight coat where I just kind of spray here and there to get the marbleization that I’m looking for.

Once I have the antique stain applied and the marbleization that I’m looking for I’ll let it dry and move on to the next step will be the next day and will come in and remove the paper get it cleaned up and ready for sealer, so I always come in and put two coats a sealer on the next day this allows the antique stain to fully dry and just give me that look them after. The first coat of sealer usually gets absorbed very quickly, however the second coat is what I like to call the money coat and it really allows the color to pop and gives it a great shine.

I would say that this Brown antique stain along with our Tuscan Slate has to be one of our more popular floors that we do our client was extremely happy with it and it brought in several more bids from those that live in that condo complex, enjoy the video on this post and the rest of the videos on my page under the video gallery tab be sure and check out the picture gallery as well and all the other information on this website.

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Decorative Concrete Overlay Coating Knockdown Finish on a Pool Deck | Lake Ozark, MO

On this pool decks we started our day by trimming back bushes grinding the walkway and grinding off the concrete overlay on the pool deck.

Once the concrete overlay was completely removed from the pool deck itself we had several cracks that needed repaired so we ground them out and filled them in. We also had one area that was a hole the size of a baseball so we cleaned it out and continued with our repair.

All the grinding and repairs were done we were finally ready to start our overlay on the entire surface started at the far end of the pool and just worked our way back with our base coat, once it was dry we came back through with a second base coat.

Now we have a fresh clean repaired concrete surface to work with, we measured everything out 4 x 4 squares set on a 45° pitch with a 5 inch border around each square and around the pool itself and we measured out a 10 inch border for the outside perimeter of the pool deck, once we had all our measurements done and had our marks down we continued with our fiber tape to lay down the pattern.

Once the pattern was down it was time for more colored concrete, I decided to do the all the borders first so that meant we had to paper off the 4 x 4 squares from any concrete overspray. Now the borders are sprayed and the only thing we could do was let everything dry overnight.

The next step was to paper off the borders so that we could spray the 4 x 4 squares the lighter color of the two colors, basically what we were trying to go for here and you can see from the pictures and the video is keeping everything overall very light with the color of the house and keeping the borders a few shades darker to set off our pattern and to also complement the trim of the house. After the squares were sprayed we pulled the paper off of our borders and then we also removed our fiber tape that separated the square and the border all of this reveals our pattern our colors and now it’s a matter of getting everything cleaned up and getting it sealed.

The whole process from start to finish took us about three weeks to complete, the reason it took a little bit longer on this project is simply because we had a lot of rain mother nature can be relentless sometimes, but the job got done it turned out great our client was very happy.

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Decorative Concrete Acid Stained Coating on a Basement Floor w/Epoxy Seal Coat | Lake Ozark MO

Okay so, this week we went to Osage Beach Missouri for our next project we had no idea what the floor condition was other than the age of the floor the reason being it had carpet installed when they built the home, but what we did know about this floor is anytime it has carpet it’s gonna have glue and tack strips with that being said this floor had both so I knew we would have some glue to remove and tack strip holes to repair and of course concrete does crack so there were a few those as well.

We went in we pulled all the carpet, all the tack strips, and discovered several cracks, so we opened up the cracks to repair them and did the same with the tack strip holes once all the repairs were done we just basically ground everything down flush with the concrete all of our repairs that is and removed the carpet glue now we have a fresh surface or clean canvas to work from.

Click HERE to see the Full Album from start to finish… 

Watch the video below and you’ll see almost everything we did to that floor, so the next steps were to start our base coat which on this floor we just started with two white base coats no color 100% coverage, after that our next step was to add our texture which is a Tuscan Slate this takes a lot more time and a lot more skill, but it’s easy once you understand how to do it… This coat goes down at about 85% coverage.

So after the textures down we want to add are ACID STAINS, but obviously first we have to prep everything off with paper because we do spray our acid stains, this floor is getting two colors one is an Umber color and the other is a Brown Acid Stain, most of the time I never get this the first time, usually it takes 2 to 3 coats of acid stain per color to get the right marbling and correct shade I’m looking for.

Now that the Acid Stains are down we just gotta let it do its thing and come back later and scrub it all up and rinse it with ammonia and water shop vac it and let it sit at least 24 hours before we come back and put our CLEAR EPOXY over the top, next we put a UV protection coat over the top of the clear epoxy and this project is complete!!

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