This week we were down Horseshoe Bend in Lake of the Ozark, MO… This project was pretty simple once we got past the Epoxy that was put on the outside suspended deck, it was on there pretty good…. the grinders we used did a great Job as usual, but so did the muscle behind the grinder, we always win so this deck coating really had no chance haha

Grinding the Epoxy off we did start to see more and more cracks appear, these cracks were not repaired before the epoxy went on so most of the cracks never showed up until the Epoxy was coming off, looks like the material just filled in the area’s where cracks were present, so now the coating is off we had to open up the cracks some to remove loose material so we could fill it with our crack repair material… Awesome stuff works GREAT!!IMAG1991

Cracks are repaired now it was time to start the overlay, we laid out our base coat of charcoal colorant, it looked great, the next day we came back and started taping the pattern, on this one we hand taped a Ashler slate type pattern, once we got the look we wanted we had to prep up the walls and railing from any over spray of concrete material, next was what we call the tack coat…its a layer that goes over the fiber tape to help keep the top coat from bleeding under the fiber tape, we do NOT want that to happen. ok Tack coat is sprayed on… time to go home for the day.

The next day we came in and started out texture coat which IS the most popular of texture coats that we do “THE TUSCAN SLATE” so we get that coat on once dry we pull the tape and clean it up… looks great!

Next step was to make sure everything is still taped up well from over spray but this time it was not going to be over spray from Concrete, now its time for the Antique Acid Stain, once I mixed it up checked to make sure everything was covered I started spraying it on with my pump up sprayer, we had to do a few coats till I got the look I was after… done let it sit and do its thing.

Looks great so now we need to pick out random squares to hand paint with sponge brushes two different colors one Slate grey Antique Acid (slight blueish tint) and a grey that was pretty standard just a medium grey… a lot of this is shown in the Video at the bottom of this page or click the Red Video Tab at the Top to watch it. So now we have all the squares colored that we want, again this was just random no real pattern, just wanted it to look kinda proportioned.

Ready for SEALER!!… we mixed up our premium sealer and laid down 2 coats with a roller, pretty simple the only thing left was to shoot the final Video and take some pictures and this Job was DONE!!

Another Concrete Surface Saved and Beautified by Custom Concrete Design!

Hope you Enjoy the pictures and Video

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