On this pool decks we started our day by trimming back bushes grinding the walkway and grinding off the concrete overlay on the pool deck.

Once the concrete overlay was completely removed from the pool deck itself we had several cracks that needed repaired so we ground them out and filled them in. We also had one area that was a hole the size of a baseball so we cleaned it out and continued with our repair.

All the grinding and repairs were done we were finally ready to start our overlay on the entire surface started at the far end of the pool and just worked our way back with our base coat, once it was dry we came back through with a second base coat.

Now we have a fresh clean repaired concrete surface to work with, we measured everything out 4 x 4 squares set on a 45° pitch with a 5 inch border around each square and around the pool itself and we measured out a 10 inch border for the outside perimeter of the pool deck, once we had all our measurements done and had our marks down we continued with our fiber tape to lay down the pattern.

Once the pattern was down it was time for more colored concrete, I decided to do the all the borders first so that meant we had to paper off the 4 x 4 squares from any concrete overspray. Now the borders are sprayed and the only thing we could do was let everything dry overnight.

The next step was to paper off the borders so that we could spray the 4 x 4 squares the lighter color of the two colors, basically what we were trying to go for here and you can see from the pictures and the video is keeping everything overall very light with the color of the house and keeping the borders a few shades darker to set off our pattern and to also complement the trim of the house. After the squares were sprayed we pulled the paper off of our borders and then we also removed our fiber tape that separated the square and the border all of this reveals our pattern our colors and now it’s a matter of getting everything cleaned up and getting it sealed.

The whole process from start to finish took us about three weeks to complete, the reason it took a little bit longer on this project is simply because we had a lot of rain mother nature can be relentless sometimes, but the job got done it turned out great our client was very happy.

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