Today we are on a job in Lake of the Ozarks off Highway W, we started our usual prep procedures on this project, the first thing we had to do was start grinding the surface and open up the cracks to repair we had to remove paint, and oils from the surface.

We also had to level up some low spots up next to the house they ran the full backside length of the patio once these spots were leveled up we ground everything flush, mixed up the muriatic acid, ammonia with water… Sprayed on muriatic acid and then neutralized it with ammonia water once this procedure was done we pressure washed it and mixed up our first bucket of concrete which is our base coat.Decorative Concrete Resurfaced Spray Texture

We laid out the base coat which is a lighter gray, once that was dry we had to put a second base coat on same color once dry we taped out our brick boarder, then rolled out our stencil and cut that stencil to fit the patio. Once the stencil was laid out and cut then placed next to our brick boarder we were ready to start mixing up our topcoat which is our brick red color fire up the compressor hook up the Hopper gun filled the Hopper and start spraying which you can see in the video below, once we had it sprayed out the whole patio was red and you could see our herringbone pattern.

Now we have our topcoat redbrick color sprayed on I wanted to highlight the entire project with a white and a black highlight coats so we mixed up our white coat sprayed small specs which is our highlight coat on the entire surface and then repeated the same procedure with our black highlight coat.

So we have our prep work done the base coats on, our stencil laid out and cut to fit the patio our topcoat on, highlight coats done, we are ready to pull our stencil, pull our brick tape around the perimeter to reveal our pattern and our base coat below.

Next step was to mix up our antique stain we used the darker brick color and a very dark charcoal color and went through the entire pattern coloring random bricks charcoal and the darker brick red. Once I had an even, but random look it was time to mix up our sealer and add 2 coats of our premium outside sealer to lock this job down.

I believe our customer was quite surprised at the complete makeover that this patio went through going from a plain field of gray concrete broom finish texture to having an entirely brick laid look and custom patio.

Another Concrete Surface Saved and Beautified by Custom Concrete Design!

Hope you Enjoy the pictures and Video
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