First off I want to thank the Crocker Fire-station for calling me about his project Last fall, this project has been a long time in the works, a lot more for them than myself, but it all came together this year and Congratulations to them the New Fire-station looks great and you guys deserve it!

We came in the first day to get all our prep work done, this was a great slab of concrete and it had a few minor cracks we had to repair and but other than that the floor was in great shape, but of course we still had to shot blast it and get it ready for the Epoxy coating that was to come.

1966885_10152520762607545_3772672863930365408_nIt took us about 2 days to get it all prepped and ready for the Epoxy but we got-er done, once we had it ready for Epoxy we mixed up our first batch and started laying it down, it took all day for just one coat…this place is HUGE about 3800sqft and it was just the 2 of us. we came back and did a second coat the next day…once again an all day deal.


Now that we had the 2 coats on it was time to lay out the Yellow colored Traffic Strips so we broke out the tape measures and Tape and started in at like 3am in the morning the next day, we were running a little low on sleep for this one but we got it done and we were headed home by 11am.

Another Concrete Surface Saved and Beautified by Custom Concrete Design!

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