This is a basic two-car garage in a new construction home, our plan was to turn it into a Decorative Epoxy Garage Floor, but the garage was in great shape all we needed to do was come in and remove paint and drywall mud, we pulled out the walk behind and hand grinders and went to work profiling the entire surface, once we had the garage floor profiled the way we needed it to be we cleaned it up with muriatic acid, ammonia water and pressure washed it, then we set the fans so that it could dry out for the night.IMAG1482

We came back the next day set up our canopy because it looked like rain, we started to mix our base coat and it started to sprinkle…. after that but we kept moving forward we got our colored epoxy coat down once that coat was down I put on my spike shoes and grabbed my vinyl chips that we pre-filled in a 5 gallon bucket, I ran to the front of the garage with my chips and continued to broadcast out the vinyl chips at 100% coverage making sure that everything was completely caked on and saturated. Once the vinyl chips were down the only thing left to do was to clean up let the floor cure out and come back the next day.

The next day we scraped the floor flat removing all loose chips and made sure everything was consistent, once this step was done it was time to mix up the clear epoxy and apply it, the application was a smooth process and it came out great so we cleaned up and went home.

The next day we came back put on two coats of wax and this job is good to go!!

Another Concrete Surface Saved and Beautified by Custom Concrete Design!

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