Okay so, this week we went to Osage Beach Missouri for our next project we had no idea what the floor condition was other than the age of the floor the reason being it had carpet installed when they built the home, but what we did know about this floor is anytime it has carpet it’s gonna have glue and tack strips with that being said this floor had both so I knew we would have some glue to remove and tack strip holes to repair and of course concrete does crack so there were a few those as well.

We went in we pulled all the carpet, all the tack strips, and discovered several cracks, so we opened up the cracks to repair them and did the same with the tack strip holes once all the repairs were done we just basically ground everything down flush with the concrete all of our repairs that is and removed the carpet glue now we have a fresh surface or clean canvas to work from.

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Watch the video below and you’ll see almost everything we did to that floor, so the next steps were to start our base coat which on this floor we just started with two white base coats no color 100% coverage, after that our next step was to add our texture which is a Tuscan Slate this takes a lot more time and a lot more skill, but it’s easy once you understand how to do it… This coat goes down at about 85% coverage.

So after the textures down we want to add are ACID STAINS, but obviously first we have to prep everything off with paper because we do spray our acid stains, this floor is getting two colors one is an Umber color and the other is a Brown Acid Stain, most of the time I never get this the first time, usually it takes 2 to 3 coats of acid stain per color to get the right marbling and correct shade I’m looking for.

Now that the Acid Stains are down we just gotta let it do its thing and come back later and scrub it all up and rinse it with ammonia and water shop vac it and let it sit at least 24 hours before we come back and put our CLEAR EPOXY over the top, next we put a UV protection coat over the top of the clear epoxy and this project is complete!!

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