Hey this is Rick with custom concrete design at Lake of the Ozarks. This week we are in Westphalia Missouri. We’re, going to be doing this patio right here. It’s about a thousand square feet wraps around the other side of the house over there, but we’re just going to come to this cold joint.

We’re, going to stay to the left side of it. We’ve already started doing the grinding. As you tell there, you can probably see a lot of the white drain marks where we’ve been, but those those are where the cracks are.

How will you guys can see this on a video or not? It’s kind of hard for me to tell exactly where it’s at till the Sun and shadows here, but there’s, some repairs that have to be done right here along this cold joint there’s another pretty good-sized crack right here on the corner.

It’s, not long, but it’s kind of wide. This is probably the worst one that we’ve got this just wraps on around where there’s a couple more cracks over here. You business owners pinning him between a desk and a vehicle show.

This job here in Westphalia Missouri, is now complete. We’ve got our brick borders everywhere, camouflaged our joint lines, Tuscan slate texture, finish: colors are taupe a little bit darker on the base coat a bit lighter on the topcoat.

Then we sprayed it with some antiquing stain same color, taupe spray, the border. All the brick, I should say, sprayed it through our hopper gun and we hand painted quite a few bricks, while we have various colors shine on it, a little bit closer view here.

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