We spent two weeks with this basement floor project, not exactly sure when the house was built, but I believe it was sometime in the late 70’s the view was great the concrete needed some help!!…HEY that’s what I do!!

The floor originally had carpet on it, the home owners were kind enough to pull the carpet and dispose of it for me,  I came in the first day and began our mission, we started by opening up the cracks that were there and there were alot of them (watch the Video below), then we needed to address the pot marks left behind from the tack strips, once the repairs were made to the cracks with epoxy and the pot holes were filled on with our secret mix, we needed to get that darn carpet glue off, so I pulled out the hand grinder and off I went, once the carpet glue was removed I just proceeded to grind the entire floor to get it ready for our overlay material.IMAG0899

I had to put down 2 base coats to get enough build up on the surface to give us a nice clean surface to start our texture, the texture we used was a Tuscan Slate/Skip-Rockdown Trowel, yes it wasn’t really one single texture we did a combination of textures on this one, it made for some interesting but very wicked looks in certain places but all tied together for one AWESOME LOOKING FLOOR!

The Texture is on now what??…Here’s where the coloring comes in I wanted to use 2 different Chem-Stone Acid stains, ones that complimented each other, but did not compete with each other, so we choose to do the Chem-Stone Brown and the Chem-Stone Umber as mentioned in the Video located here. First one that went down was the Umber Acid, this acid gives the concrete a goldish tone, once I had the look I was after, it was time to bring in the Brown Acid Stain, once both colors were sprayed on and I liked what I was looking at it was time to let it do its thing sit overnight and come back the next day.

Today was just needed to remove any and all residue left over from the Acid Stains, so we scrubbed it down very well and shop vaced it up so it had time to dry out over the weekend, now it was time to figure out what I would do with myself with a day off, oh wait I live on the lake!!!… So I took the my Family out on the Boat for a great weekend of Boating!

ok back to work,,now it was time for the Epoxy to get laid out, once we got the walls prepped it was GO TIME!!…the Epoxy went down smooth as usual and it looked like a sheet of glass, the colors were just poppin and the floor was just BADASS!!

Another Basement Floor saved and Beautified by Custom Concrete Design!

Hope you Enjoy the pictures and Video

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