This week we are remodeling a Bathroom Floor, upper level.

We came in pulled the lanolin up and laid down some roofing paper, then cut wire lath to fit over the roofing paper and stapled them both down to the wood sub floor about ever inch we placed a staple, so we went through alot of staples even know the bathroom was small. 2010-06-05_2240

Next we started placing our build-able concrete material in place to cover the wire lath so we would have a solid slab of concrete to work with, once it was established after a few coats a thick 1/4 inch bottom then a skim coat over that, we were ready for some concrete texture, we did a chunky rock texture, we were going for a rustic old world kind of look st that texture really fit the bill.

Now that the texture was done it was time to prep the walls for the Acid Stain and the Antique Stain, we sprayed our Acid Stains first, diluting with water as we sprayed some, once both colors were dry we had to remove any residue left over from the acid before using our Antique Stains. We sprayed out our Antique stains and let them dry. Next was sealer, we wanted a high gloss so it was decided that a High Gloss Epoxy was the way to go, once the Epoxy was on we used a great wax to protect it and keep it scratch free.

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