We started this basement floor project with alot of prep work, the work included removing carpet, repairing cracks, removing some tile, patching in small holes where the carpet tacks were located along the whole perimeter of the entire floor, and grinding the everything,  so we had our work cut out for us.

IMG_1536Once the prep work was done, we began the Decorative Concrete process, it started with our first base coat which was a very dark chocolate colorant with some charcoal colorant added in, then a second base coat of the same, which is pretty standard. Once the 2 base coats were down we taped out  1/2 inch boarder with our threaded strapping tape which was about 6 1/2 inches from the wall, the reason for the odd width of the boarder was to accommodate the 1/2 inch baseboard that the homeowner would eventually add back on after we were done and they had another coat of paint on the walls, this would bring the boarder to a 6 inch boarder in width around the whole perimeter of the entire concrete surface.
Now its time for more concrete we put a tack coat over the whole surface so that the next color coat would not bleed under the strapping tape, once that coat was on we came back in with 2 White coats of concrete (zero colorant in the concrete). After the first coat was down and dry we prepped the walls with paper and some area’s with plastic, then we proceeded with our second coat which was the texture coat.IMG_1548

Next was the Acid Staining, we wanted 2 coats of acid stain, first coat was a Umber color, sort of a yellow gold color, the second acid stain coat was a brown color, once I got the look I was after we let it dry and do its thing. Once it was dry we came in with an Ammonia wash on the entire floor and shop-vaced the water up, placed our fans on it and let it sit for 2 days and dry out real well over the weekend.

Came back and applied our Premium High Gloss Epoxy Finish to give it that nice super high gloss glass like look say that 5 times really fast :)…. laid it out and squeegeed it around then back rolled it. came back the next day and put down a Scratch Proof urethane coat once dry I shot this Video and snapped a few pictures of the finished look.
The Homeowners were very very happy!


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