Understanding the solutions that our products provide can be somewhat confusing because quiet frankly, there are just too many options and solutions. With that said, we will start by breaking down the solutions into two categories; Exterior and Interior…



– Splatter Texture Overlay: Applied approximately 1/16″ to 1/8″ thick to existing concrete to create a non-slip texture. Can be applied as plain gray or unlimited color and design choices. Patterns can replicate that of brick, stone, slate, tile, etc.

– Slate Trowel Overlay: Very similar to splatter texture overlay but typically a smoother finish.

– Concrete Staining: Transforms play gray concrete into a multitude of color options.

– Concrete Coloring: The concrete and be integrally colored before it is poured or it can be colored afterwards.

– Concrete Restoration: Repair unsightly spalling and pitting. Repair uneven or sunken surfaces.

– Custom Logos:

All exterior solutions are ideal for:

– Driveways

– Pool decks

– Sidewalks

– Patios

– Pedestrian bridges

– Hotel entrances

– Theme parks

– Professional and collegiate sports complexes

– Virtually anywhere you can stand, walk or drive…

Visit our photo galleries for additional exterior solutions:

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