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Epoxy Garage Concrete Floors Lake Ozark Stamped Acid Stained Coating Osage Beach MO Painted Floor

On this Garage Epoxy Floor Project we started by removing the existing flooring of an adhesive backed checker board linoleum, we started out prying and pulling at it but it was so brittle it was breaking off in small pieces, so I pulled out our handy air powered scraping tool, and it pealed it up like a hot knife would cut through butta!!……….more info under the Video.

Once all the tile was up we proceeded to grind the entire floor with our 95% dustless vacuum system this step was all completed within 2 days, we came back in the 3rd day and started mixing our Tan colored Epoxy resin, once the epoxy was all down, we moved to the next step of the process.

The next step was to toss on my spiked shoes quickly and grab my bucket of vinyl chips and get out there on the freshly laid down epoxy and toss my chips in the air (as you may have seen in the Video above).
once all the chips were thrown on top at 100% coverage, I had to take the rest of the day off, and resume the next day.IMG_0742

The last day, we started by scraping and brooming off any lose vinyl chips, clean it up real well. Then proceed to the mixing of the clear epoxy resin, once mixing starts its game on again!!

Once the Clear Epoxy was on, it was clean up time, because this Epoxy Garage Floor Project in Four Season Missouri was Complete!

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Decorative Concrete Epoxy Garage Floor Coating Lake Ozark MO Porto Cima MO Osage Beach MO

We Started this Residential Home in Porto Cima Sunrise Beach, MO Garage Floor Project with a Pretty Fresh Surface to work with, it had some paint, some oil, but for the most part was pretty nice to work with. We came in and Prepped the floor first by doing some grinding, removing the oil and paint/drywall mud, but once that was done, it was time to prep the walls with concrete tape.


Once we had everything prepped it was time for the Colored Epoxy which was a Med Grey color, once that was laid out I got my spiked shoes on and went out on the nice smooth like glass colored surface and proceeded to toss the chips up to cover the epoxy at a rate of 100%.IMG_0626

Last step was to lay on the clear epoxy to lock the base coats and vinyl chips in place. Pull out tape and clean up!

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Decorative Concrete Condo Deck Osage Beach MO Acid Stained Faux Tile Flooring Lake Ozark MO

Here We Have a Project at Mystic Bay Condo’s in Osage Beach,  Missouri.

My Blank Canvas of Concrete is Approximately 450sqft, we started by removing the railing, so we could grind some of the rough spots off of the surface, I call them concrete boogers or speed-bumps…lol.

The next step was to repair some of the cracks that were noticeable, some were hairline cracks, some needed to be opened up to remove all the lose particles of concrete that were floating around within the crack. Once opened up I mixed up the Epoxy with some silica sand and laid it in the cracks. I came Back the Next day and did some slight grinding over where the cracks were.

Then proceeded with our Decorative Concrete we lay out 2 base coats of Portland Cement with a Charcoal Colorant added in to the mix. This is my Grout Coat color you see.

Next step was to mark out my pattern of a 20×20 tile pattern on a 45 degree pitch, but first needed to establish my boarder of 10 inches all around the perimeter of the slab, once done I began to tape it all out with Strapping Tape.

Next came the Prepping of the walls so they don’t get spayed by the and the Tack Coat which I say in the Video (and Acid Stains), what that means is I simply mixed another bag of concrete with the same portion of colorant in it as the previous base coats, hooked up my compressor and hopper gun and sprayed the concrete on over the Strapping Tape, this is necessary for what we call in the industry as ‘Locking in the Grout Color’ to prevent any ‘BLEED UNDER” the tape from the 2 different colored Top coats and Acid stains going on to our Concrete Overlay in the next steps to come.Decorative Concrete Condo Deck Osage Beach MO Acid Stained Faux Tile Flooring Lake Ozark MO

Next I mixed another bag of our Portland Cement with A color Called Palomino, this was squeegeed this on top of the Charcoal Gray Color (tack coat), once dry I mixed up more of the same color and then added my texturing, I continued to layer my coats with My Trowel until I had the look I wanted.

Next was to mix up the Acid Stains (Chemstone Acid Brown), once mixed I sprayed in a circular motion with a little water at first then the Acid went on over the water, this is to prevent any drops from the sprayer and it makes the acid feather out naturally on its on, this way it marbleizes much better.

Once Dry I pulled the Concrete Strapping Tape up to reveal my Pattern and the 2 Base Coats of Charcoal Grey, cleaned it all up real well, then I mixed up my sealers, and Locked it all down, here is where the coloring  just pops up and says HELLO!!

I hope you Enjoyed the Video, the Pictures and the brief description of the process.

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