All right this week, we’re at Mystic Bay condos in Osage Beach Missouri. This is Rick with custom, concrete design at this back deck. We’re gonna start with will open area right here seems to be in pretty good shape.

Few stains and goes into the screened-in porch area. I think we’ve got about five or six cracks that we have to repair there, pretty small hairline cracks, so they’re, not bad. There’s, one of them. We’re, just getting ready to grind, we’ve got everything set up, so we’re, going to go ahead and start grinding.

Okay, we have the texture on, got everything tapered off and we are ready to spray. The antique stain we’re gonna darken this down just a little bit and the sun’s, kind of creating a whole lot of shadows for us, so it’s.

Probably gonna distort this a little bit, but you can see the Tuscan slight texture. A darker base lighter top coat. It ‘ S already got a little bit of marbling going on on our top coat and, of course, you know there’s variation between a the base and top coat that you can already spot so make it look a little bit different here in a minute.

Okay, this job at Mystic Bay is now complete. Yesterday we put our antiquing stain on it and got it cleaned up today and put our sealer on get to coach of the acrylic sealer so that colors just poppin real nice.

Now, looking good nice and shiny and the sun’s, gonna play with us a little bit again shadows kind of make. It look a little different here and there, but it looks good turned out great if you get closer shot of some of this without the sunlight affecting it.

That way, you can kind of get a look at the texture. Remember we had about five or six cracks in this that we had to repair to and, as you can see, they have disappeared and, as always, if you guys are watching this on my youtube channel, please subscribe to my channel if you like the videos that way You won’t, miss anything that I do in the future and if you like, this video hit that little like button down below and also comment.

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