All right this week, we’re in Lake of the Ozarks down in Four Seasons. This is Rick with custom concrete design. This is what we’ve got here. Is this breezeway right off the driveway and garage area? We’re gonna work on this and repair that crack.

I’m, getting ready to start the grinding, so I’m all set up with that ready to go. We’re gonna hit this little patio out here. We’re gonna come in here with a couple of base, coats, Tuscan slate texture and a antique stain.

I’m gonna. Do it at a taupe color. Try to match or get as close as we can to the side. All right, this job is complete. Take you guys for the breezeway real quick, add that cracking concrete in this breezeway right about here there let’s, build it! You guys watching this video on my youtube channel.

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All right see you guys on the next one.

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