Hey guys, it’s right here today. What I’m gonna do is just put a black base coat on these boards. These are three simple words. I’m, getting ready to do for clients. I just said: go ahead and pour this, so this is our black base.

Normally, we always use this for our base. Go to our floors too, so that’s. What I’m gonna use on boards, so I’m gonna go ahead and premix our part, a I’ve got it over here, makes our part be up. Then I’m gonna mix.

The two together, along with the metallics and we’re, going to spread this on with a squeegee. We’re gonna be using about nine ounces, because I got about hardly nothing here. So nine ounces should cover this, probably a little bit more than what we need but use you, okay.

What I’ve done is I’ve, just mixed a part, A Part B at a two-to-one ratio. My metallics are in there and I mixed it for three minutes. So now I’m gonna go ahead and pour it out as equal as I can spread it around with our squeegee and then use a chip brush around the edges.

That’s. Basically it for today that’ll, be our base coat. We’ll, let it sit and we’ll come back tomorrow, you, okay, guys. The base goes on not much more. We can do. We’ll, just kind of let this move around a little bit and do its thing.

It won’t move a whole lot because put it on fairly thin. Put it a little bit thicker, but it’s, not super thin, so a little bit of movement. But finally, it’s on we’re gonna. Let it sit dry overnight and I’ll be back.

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