All right this week we are any garage in Columbia. Missouri. We’re, going to come in here and grind our surface down. We’ve, got everything set up and ready for that. We don’t have any cracks that need to be repaired on this.

This is a new home construction, so there will be no repairs other than just coming in and do our usual grinding, the epoxy coat will go down. Hopefully, tomorrow we get this thing drowned out today and our chips tomorrow and then a couple days of putting down our sealer over the top of the chips so other than that we ‘

We got about 800, maybe almost 900 square feet. Take care of here we’re, going to go ahead and get started and make it look pretty [, Music, ] all right all right. We got this job finished up here in Columbia, Missouri [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ] or just turned out super tight nice and clean good colors nice little shine on [ Music ].

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