[, Music ], hey guys it’s, Rick custom, concrete design in Lake of the Ozarks. This week we’re over at Timberlake village. Again doing this condo unit on the third floor. Add a bunch of carpet on it that we went ahead and removed, but as you can see, what’s left behind is a lot of carpet glue.

So we’re gonna go ahead and get started by grinding all that off. Get down to the bare concrete like out here on this deck, there is one crack out there, as you can see what we’re gonna go ahead and repair that, and I think there’s.

One right here probably barely see it. This is a cold joint. We’re gonna go ahead and get that ground out open that back up other than that, the concrete’s really in solid shape. So we’re gonna get started alright here’s, one of the cracks that we just repaired still a little wet.

That was the last place we stopped because we had to fill some in, but right here it was dry. So we went ahead and ground that down flush, so that is completely repaired there that one’s already been fixed and ground down it’s, another one.

We found working on this one right here, as you can see up there. It’s still not quite done. That’s, where we’ve stopped, and we still have these two more here, one here and one right here, so we had more cracks when we thought once we remove that glue, but that’s.

Okay, easily fixable. It’s coming right along now. Alright, we’ve finished up this job over here at Timberlake villages they ‘ Ve got the furniture back on, so we decided to shoot after the furniture is back on video on this one.

Everything’s, looking good, they’ve, got it decorated up real nice filled it up nice outside space, though, looks good. If you guys are watching this over on YouTube. There please subscribe to my channel, so you don’t.

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So anyways we’ll, see you guys on the next [ Applause, ]

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