Not much to say about this one, it’s a Harley Davidson Bar and Shield metal cutout.

I started with a regular 1 inch MDF board countertop, bought some 1.5 inch trim for it, cut that trim to fit, painted it matte black and used my trim gun to attach the trim around the perimeter.

Went to a Local steel company to have a piece of diamond plate cut to fit the board, once I got it back to my shop I just used liquid nail to glue the diamond plate to the top of the countertop, then did the same with the metal Harley Davidson bar and shield.

Then I mixed up some 2 part commercial grade epoxy added in a very small amount of Gun Metal Metallic Powder, and a pinch of Blue Jean Metallic power, mixed that for a few min, made a tape wall around the perimeter of the countertop and repeated that for a second round of tape just to secure the epoxy so it would not leak out, once that was all done I just poured it all out on the countertop, moved it around where I needed it and it made a 1/4 inch thick layer of Epoxy so it went over the diamond plate and the Harley Davidson bar and shield that was glued onto it.

I also used a Heat Gun to pop the bubbles of the Epoxy added a few subtle flames to the top of the bar and shield and sprayed some black spray paint over the epoxy to dirty it up some, then used isopropyl 91% alcohol spritzed on with a small hand sprayer with a trigger, that helped the products to blend together creating some nice cells and spider veins.

When it was all done I let it settled and move and in the end we got exactly what I was going for a slightly smoked dirty gun metal blue steel look overall I would say it was a success, do you agree???….. let me know in the comments here on the site or on the video over on my YouTube channel.

Hope you Enjoy the pictures and Video
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