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Decorative Concrete Acid Stain Epoxy Basement Floor Camdenton, MO

This week we are at a house here in cane mint in Missouri right now we’re pulling up this linoleum and the baseboard all around and we got to start grinding up the glue over here we had a bunch of carpet on this side so we’ve gotta we’ve already pulled up the tack strips and we’ve got a once we get all the glue off we’re going to go ahead and start attaching all these tack strip holes in I’m sure we’ve got quite a few cracks up underneath of this glue as well so we’re going to have to get those repaired but there’s no telling what you got until you get the glue off so we’re going to come back in here we’re going to put down a Tuscan slate texture we’re going to use some umber acid stain and some brown acid stain and then we’re going to lock everything down once we get that all ready to go we’re going to lock everything down with some epoxy and get it looking like a brand new floor in here all right the grout code is about halfway down this is right before the color goes on we have the texture down now we’ve pulled up our tape it’s an 8 inch border and we’re getting ready to color this thing out as soon as we tape off the rest of the perimeter here get the back wall done but this is our Tuscan slate okay this floor is complete borders about eight inches wide texture is Tuscan slate used umber and brown chem Stone acid stain and you will get it locked down with a clear epoxy and hey if you guys are watching this on youtube please subscribe to my channel if you liked the video hit the like button if you like what you see here in the video then leave me a comment see you guys in the next project [Music]

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