What this week, we’re in Lake of the Ozarks Missouri. This is Rick with Custom Concrete Design. We’re down. Horseshoe been here. We’re gonna be working on this. Well, it’s, two pillars. Just just the driveway pillars am four, but they just want the front ones done here in front of the house.

So we’re gonna. Do both of these already got everything prepped up and ready to go for some concrete, a little patchwork, but we’re gonna do a real light gray on the majority, probably 90 % of it. The other 10 % is gonna, be a little bit darker gray, just on this front facing here this little border.

So already for some concrete, you go ahead and get this stuff on. Ok, we ‘ Ve got the base coat on the two pillars here, so we are ready to go for another base coat tomorrow. I’m gonna spray. That long and then we’re gonna make that trim a little bit dark for tomorrow.

That goes around where I’ve got that taped off right there in the front a little bit darker, I’m gonna spray it on tomorrow. Okay, we just put our third base coat on our third coat of concrete.

I should say that’s, the texture coat, which is a knockdown finish, and we just finished up our third coat on the trim, so the trim is a little bit darker than the rest of it. I put our final coat texture coat on earlier today, and we just put that darker coat on there finished up about 30 minutes ago.

So we’re, just letting it dry still wet. It will lighten up some, not a lot, but it will lighten up some over here. We sprayed this one first and you can SEE WHERE THIS ONE IS lightening up already, because it looks splotchy.

You see the dark spots, you see the light spots so that light area is actually dry right now, but that will darken back down as we seal it. Tomorrow I’m going to come back and seal this thing. This will darken down a few shades too, but it’s.

You know it’s completely dry and then this will. This will actually go back to the darker shade. Once it’s sealed, but it dries quite a bit lighter so anyways, as you can tell you know this one is considerably darker over here, but they turned out pretty nice.

I’m happy with them. Okay, this job is done and put sealers on yesterday to coat the sealer and the clients put the fixtures back on top sometime this morning. I guess that’s, the big light that I was talking about, the chrome band around the perimeter on that top slab, that’s.

Why we left that you know we didn’t code, it so we just wanted to seal. It looks nice and clean now, if you guys are watching this on youtube. Please subscribe to my channel like the video. If you liked it leave me a comment, let me know what you think and we’ll, see you guys on the next job, thanks for watching.

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