okay guys this week we’re in lake of the ozarks missouri down here at Palisades condo complex that’s a small deck it’s probably between 180 200 square feet I can’t remember it’s been a few months I bid it a few months ago when I bid it so well we’ve got bet all the grinding done I didn’t get my before video really so I guess this is it because there was a concrete overlay already on here and I ground it off already so as you can see we’ve got still one crack there to repair it’s a small hairline crack nothing major I’ve already got the you know the perimeter taped off I’m not gonna paper anything until next week when we start spraying but it’s ready to go for the most part right now for a base coat of chocolate concrete we’re gonna do a couple of base coats dark chocolate so that’s going to be our grout coat and then I’m gonna spray our top coat next week and over the top of that really light tan top coat is going to be a highlight to highlight coats one white one black I don’t know if I mentioned but the pattern is flagstone.

So anyways this is kind of our I guess you could say our before video I to these all the time but normally I do them before this so this is it so I’m gonna get started all right the next steps what we’ve done basically I skipped a few steps in the video process you know the last video you know you guys saw the bare concrete what I’ve done since then I put two chocolates base coats down and then I taped out today I taped out my flagstone pattern and papered off the perimeter all around the condo unit here in the screened-in area so right now I’m getting ready to put it out put on what we call a lock coat or a tack coat it’s gonna go down over the top of this tape and we’re gonna lock this tape down so that that that final color because it’s lighter we don’t want it to bleed up underneath the tape so the tack coat is going to be sprayed on next to prevent that and then of course we’re gonna once the tack coat is down we’re gonna put a very light tan over the top of this and this is actually pretty dark and I’ll show you what I mean when this is sealed it’ll be very dark brown like that but it dries extremely light so we’ll have a very light coat that’ll get sprayed over the top at the very end very light tan coat and then I’ll probably do a black and a white highlight over the top of that just kind of dust it with that so you can still see you can barely see the black and the white but you’ll you know it’ll give it a little bit of character and a little bit of depth so that’ll be the final step before we lock everything down with a seal coat on Wednesday and then it’ll be done of course and I’ll do a final video then so okay we’ve got this tat coat down over our flagstone pattern now as you’ve seen from the previous video just before this I had it taped out and ready to go for that tack code it’s over the top now you could still see the tape a little bit in spots but for the most part that uh that tape seal 

okay this job in Palisades yacht club condominiums like the use RX is finished just put the final coat of sealer on it about 30 maybe 45 minutes ago  so if you guys are checking this out on YouTube be sure and subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss out on all the future videos that I do give the video a like if you like it and you like it well enough to leave a comment good or bad just let me know I tried to include most the steps in this video didn’t quite get them all but maybe on the next one I’ll do an actual live well not live footage but some footage of me actually spraying the stuff on or laying it down with trial and be sure and check out the links in the description below the video here they’ll take you over to my website as well a lot more information there see you guys in the next project

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All right see you guys on the next one.

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