Okay, guys this week we’re in Lake of the Ozarks down Horseshoe Bend, and we’re gonna be working on this basement floor here, a lot of prep work to do as you can tell I’ll walk Through it, real quick where the carpet strips were, we ‘

Ve got a lot of tack, holes that have to be repaired all around a perimeter, so this whole floor has to be ground down, along with the repairs, quite a few cracks to that. I can see – and probably quite a few that I can’t see until we actually get this forward around.

As you can tell here as well, we’ve got to repair this area all along here, because there was a wall that they took out and we ‘ Ve got a lot of grind in here, a lot of repair work that needs to be done filled in you know there’s about a good half inch lip there and we ‘

Ve got a grind down and try to feather out now there’s, some floor level, or it has to come off there’s, carpet glue that has to come off and some thin set here in the other room which I’ll show you in just second: let’s.

Go in here little bathroom in here, another little room in here. Your crack right here that’s, pretty visible. I’m sure it runs the full length we just can’t quite see all of it until we get some grind and done here, but you can tell all along this perimeter everywhere in every room we’ve got You know fill those little holes and then here, as you can tell and see that lip right there, we ‘

Ve got a grind on it, hit that floor level or off of there, and then you know, fill these areas right here. Bring that all up flush repair, this whole area right through here we’ve, got a foundation. I guess it was poured.

I don ‘ T know how they did this but looks like this is the outside of the foundation and they just poured up to it. So I’m gonna have to throw all that in. I’m going this room here, so they had tiles want to knock up all that thin set there.

It’s pretty thick, but we should be able to knock that down, get it all flat and again we got this repair right along through here that we’ll have to make and get that as level as we can. So we ‘

Ve got a lot of areas that need attention some more than others. The whole floor really needs attention, but there are some areas that that you know have some issues and we’re gonna go ahead and get them fixed up over the course of the next couple of days and get this ready for metallic epoxy.

Ok, we’ve got all of our repairs done and we’re ready for our base coat of epoxy. A big gray patch is one of our big areas that we had to repair. Was it’s very uneven about an inch and a half drop cracks everywhere, holes everywhere around the perimeter? Everything’s patched in couple cracks there in the bathroom prepared and this one large crack here that ran all the way out to the fireplace here like that big trench right there, it’s all filled in all along there.

It’s all packed in leveled, the white patches were posts were patched all those in after we ground the old material out. Let this crack right here was a really large one that went all the way in that wall in this bedroom here.

That’s repaired. You can still see it, but we’re going to cover all this up and you won’t see any of this patchwork over here we had in a couple of spots. We had about a two inch drop, so we really ground that down pretty good ground it back and then we took and filled everything in after we got all the old stuff off got ground down and then seeing it down and another area we had to patch And remember this whole back room had that thin set really thick thin set back here, got all that pulled up.

I had to patch another hole white one there and, of course you know all this level of right here it just rinse. It just runs from one side of the house to the other, so that gray patch, alright our base coat is down.

It is the next day Swiss dry. So I ‘ Ve got a lot of bubbles. You know where the product is it’s, got some air trying to escape and concrete’s. Pretty porous, though, in a lot of areas, some more than others back in here it came out pretty smooth, really don’t.

Have any bubbles speak? Oh there’s just you know some junk that that fell in there just a little bit of debris, but other than that. We’re gonna sand all this down today. So all these little bubbles and all this debris will be sanded down smooth it.

Really it’s, all gonna be after today it’s, gonna be like glass. This is this closet and here actually turned out perfect. There’s; no dirt there’s, no bubbles. I mean that’s, what you hope for pretty much on the entire floor, but that’s in a perfect world, and this was a pretty tough job.

Getting this one prepped up, it had a lot of issues, as you guys seen from the previous video. So right now we’re. Just at that stage to where this is a base coat. We’re gonna sand. It get all these little imperfections out and get it ready for our top coat, which is going to be pearl, and then we’re gonna gain in some graphite.

On top of that, so it’ll, be 75 % pearl, and here’s, a 25 % it’s. Gon na be our black graphite. Bane’s, so we’re gonna marbleize. This thing today, you can see all those bubbles I just hit up in the sander.

It’ll, come out, we’ll clean it up and get going on it, but over here is where we had all that leveling. Where this pole is all the way across, you know, we originally had a two-foot. Our 2 foot 2 inch drop right there and we leveled that down to where it ‘

S just got a slight grade to it. You know it’s, not completely level all the way back to the wall, so it does have a little bit of a grade. I don’t know what the degree of that degree is necessarily, but it’s, not bad to the eye.

You really can’t see it feel it a little bit when you walk on it, but other than that. I mean it’s, it’s tight, it’s smooth. You know on the bubble in the take out, so it’ll, be even smoother here. Those bubbles popping another area that turned out pretty nice right through here, no issues forced bubbles, just a little bit of better than debris.

You know, and again we had this repair that ran. I’m one side of the house to the other right here. It’s gone okay. We got this job over here. Four seasons is complete back bedroom here in the corner.

This was probably the nicest concrete back in here in this room. It started to get rough as we kind of come out here into the living area. This was all pretty nice through here, and it started to get kind of rough as we got right here by the fireplace and of course we had a drop right here.

There’s about a probably an inch or so over. Here we brought it down to about a half inch and put that leveler on there, so that’s, one of our spots, and this is where it goes all the way across the room.

Only across the house there’s, the other spot. There ran here from the fireplace all the way on over check all that leveler out, and that was about a two-inch drop almost of here inch and 3/4, and then we brought it down to about three quarters of an inch.

I never had to level everything else up on this side of that. So we didn’t level. It 100 %. We just kind of created a nice gradual slope, but you can’t really. You can’t really see it. It’s, pretty gradual.

This is one of my favorite spots on the floor here. First bedroom and here’s bathroom. This is pretty good Concord in here. Just had a few cracks. That’s, a major this another spot. I really like right here: it’s, got a lot of cool effects kind of here, and there around the floor all a little a little bit different small lines, large lines, double lines, swirly twirly lines, but that’s.

What makes it unique you know it’s, it’s, all a little bit different here and there. If we don’t want any kind of pattern cool spot. It goes into this back bedroom. A couple really nice areas back here as well, sometimes, but right here all through here – this is another spot for every pair.

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